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Tale Tale Spark is a short story platform designed for the busy reader.

A place where one can be submersed in a world wholly other if for only 5 to 10 minutes.

Got more time? Read another!

But if like us you find yourself needing a 5-minute break to not think about work

and don't have a water cooler to visit, we got you fam!

Our Story

As many busy people do, Brandy found a love for audio books when her children were small. With little people running around and a home to maintain, sitting still with a good book became a fantasy. As life has ploughed along, the days and hours have continued to blur past. While audio books do entertain, she still loves to see the words on a page, to have the inflections be her own, to ponder the story before being rushed along.


Laura was born with a story to tell! With so many stories bubbling inside, becoming a published author was inevitable. Laura writes amazing stories that will, without exception, suck you into the worlds she creates. Laura longs to champion other authors, giving them a platform to publish their stories, encouragement to keep writing, and inspiration to create new worlds!

And thus, Tell Tale Spark was born.

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